All You Should Know About Termite Inspection Before Buying a Home

Everything You Must Know About Termites Before Buying a Home

Buying a home is a great adventure, a journey that involves your whole family. But to ensure that journey has no nasty surprises, it needs to be determined if the new home is everything you want it to be, that is checking if there is no hidden problems. While we all remember to check that the air conditioning and other systems work properly, the most commonly overlooked source of potential headache is forgetting about a termite inspection.

If you are thinking of buying a property in an area where termites are prevalent, then it is crucial to make sure that the property is not infested. Termites can destroy the structure of a home rendering it uninhabitable, and with 1 in every 3 homes being effected by termites in Australia, and causing more damage then  hurricanes and  all other weather events combined in US, termites certainly deserve a lot of attention.


Have a Termite Inspection Before Committing to Buy


The key to ensuring your home is free from termites, both when you make the purchase and into the future, is to have a pre purchase timber pest and termite inspection carried out by a pest control expert. Professional termite inspector will examine and assesses the house and garden and all other structures there may be, will disclose all the associated risks, potential problems, and outlines appropriate preventative measures.

Termite problems can be very expensive to resolve and so written termite inspection report will put you in a better negotiating position during the purchasing process. In the long run it can save you a substantial amount of money as well a lot of worries, as by being well informed you will be able to avert those properties with potential, current and past termite issues.


Can I Just Check it Myself?


When it comes to being certain about your home, a detailed inspection report will provide you with a peace of mind. Termites have the potential to destroy all wood in a house. They can be active hidden inside walls, under floors, in bearers and joists, behind ceilings and in any other concealed wood and difficult to see areas. Trained professional inspectors know where to look for past and present termite activities, will take a more detailed look at the property and identify all the issues that an inexperienced person will never see.

Cost Aside, What Problems do Termites Bring?


We have talked about the damage termites can cause, but what does that mean in reality? Termites can weaken the entire structure of a home, and they are able to do it quickly. What this means is that your home becomes unsafe, putting your family in danger. Weakened joists or beams can collapse under loads they were originally designed to carry with ease. This is not a risk anyone would ever want to take.




When looking to purchase a property finding the right one is critical. It is most likely the biggest single investment that anybody will make.  That is the reason why pre purchase timber pest and termite inspection should be part of the home buying process. It will advise as to which property has a existing and potentially future termite problems, so an informed  and correct decision is made, ultimately saving you not only money but also a great deal of worries.


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