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Ant Control in Sydney

 If you have just spotted an army of ants leisurely marching their way across your kitchen bench top, it’s time to nip the problem in the bud. Pestworks ant control service will safeguard you against an ant invasion swiftly. Call us today, we’ll come around inspect and treat your home, as well as propose an effective ant control plan.

Ants in sugar bowl

Ants in sugar bowl

Ants on biscuits

Ants on biscuits

Ants problem in kitchen

Ants problem in kitchen

How To Get Rid Of Ants?

Most ants are relatively harmless and are not known to carry diseases. However finding them in your kitchen is always annoying and nobody wants to discover ants in their food. No matter where the ants problem may be, follow these 3 steps to get rid of them.

Scout ants are the ones that go out looking for food to bring back to the ant colony. Follow the ants back to their nests. Look for a scout ant, see what type of food it’s going for, and follow it back to its nest.

Next, catch a scout ant place it in a jar so you can look and see what type of ant it is. You can go online to identifying the ant species. Knowing the type of ant will allow you to use the right pest control methods to rid the ants from your home or business.

Once you know the type of ant and know where they live, the next step is to put out ant bait traps. One reason you need to know the species of ant and what they eat, is so you can choose the right type of ant trap. Some ants like sugar, some like fat, and the traps contain foods that attract the ants, laced with pesticides. These are delayed reaction pesticides that will allow the ants time to take it back to their nest, thus, poisoning the rest of the colony including the queen. Killing the queen ant will stop the colony from growing.

the final step is to prevent the ants from coming back. Look around the ant nest for any places they could have gotten in, such as a crack around a window or door. Seal any cracks around your window sills with caulk. This will help keep new ants from getting in and starting a new colony.

When To Call Our Ant Control Professionals

If you’re unsure of what to do, or, you’ve tried to get rid of the ants and they keep coming back, it’s recommended that you call in our professional ant exterminators to help you with the problem. It can be a safer and ecologically smart way to rid your home of ants. You can always rely on the quality and safety of our ant control services.

Why Should You Get Rid Of Ant Problems Quickly

 Warm sunny summers and mild winters create an ideal environment for ants to thrive both outdoors and indoors. It’s not uncommon in Sydney to see ant colonies building nests in different areas of our homes and gardens. Ants can lead to electrical problems, undermine paved areas, destroy garden beds and plant pots. From there ants will find their way into homes spoil foods and cause havoc.

Ants often nest in roofs, wall cavities and in house foundations. They live in large colonies that can vary from a few hundred to hundreds of thousands. When the ant population grow their food needs increase. While forging for food ants leave behind an invisible chemical trail to find their way from their nest to the food source.

It is not easy to get rid of ants. Even if you destroy all ants you can see, the scent of the trail is found by other ants from the colony, and so the problem will return soon after. Although ants are not known to cause serious health problems, ants can be one of the most annoying pests that regular invade Sydney homes and businesses.


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