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How Thermal Imaging Technology Can Help To Find Termites

A thermal imaging termite inspection is among the latest technologies pest control professionals can use to detect these destructive pests. However, thermal imaging technology is not a stand-alone tool; it also requires the experienced eye of a technician very familiar with both the habits of termites and thermal imaging techniques. Detecting Termites is Not Always Easy Termites are a hidden threat to your home; they generally get into the structural wood by tunneling in from the outside. In [...]

How Thermal Imaging Technology Can Help To Find Termites2020-07-10T21:03:25+11:00

How Often Should You Have a Termite Inspection?

We often receive a lot of questions about pests. People ask us about the best ways to keep pests from coming back or about the best ways to eradicate annoying critters. One of the topics that we get the most frequent questions about, though, is a termite inspection. People often want to know how often they should have a termite inspection to ensure that their homes remain free of these potentially disastrous insects. Unfortunately, there isn't one single [...]

How Often Should You Have a Termite Inspection?2020-02-26T14:38:15+11:00

Can Bird Droppings Damage Your Roof

When you think of what can cause damage to your roof, trees, storm, hail, and all other natural causes are some of the things will come to your mind first. Unfortunately most people are not aware of the fact that birds droppings can also cause gradual and steady but serious deterioration. From pigeons to cockatoos all these bird species can have a significant impact on the lifespan of your roof. At first, you’d love the idea that a [...]

Can Bird Droppings Damage Your Roof2020-07-10T21:45:01+11:00

How Cockroaches Can Affect Your Health

It is not a secret your health is your biggest asset. With that said, there is no doubt most people treasure it greatly, and don’t take matters relating to health for granted. While the public pays extreme attention to well publicised facts that can affect health, sadly many overlook some less popular beliefs. Pests are a major source of concern in many homes not only in Australia, but also in all other countries around the world. Although every [...]

How Cockroaches Can Affect Your Health2019-09-23T06:04:29+11:00

How To Deal With Bed Bugs When You Travel

You saved up some extra money, booked the best hotel, and are finally ready to enjoy a well-deserved vacation. After the long flight or cramped car ride, it’s time to unpack and unwind. But, before you get too cosy, you need to ensure that your hotel room is bedbug free. We’re talking about bed bugs, the nasty critters that can ruin an otherwise fantastic holiday. Bed bugs are small brown insects that feed on blood, just like mosquitoes. They [...]

How To Deal With Bed Bugs When You Travel2019-10-10T17:06:09+11:00