Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing In Sydney

Bird droppings and nests under and on your solar panels can diminish their efficiency. Make sure to get rid of your bird problems from around your solar panels quickly. We provide Sydney wide solar panel proofing services. Contact us today for a free quote.

Solar Panels Bird Proofing

Solar Panels Bird Proofing

Solar Panels Bird Proofing

How We Protect Your Solar Panels

Solar panels are often installed around 150mm above the roof top surface. This narrow space provides perfect shelter for birds, rats and possums. To prevent birds and animals from making a home under and around your solar panels, we install an exclusion system such as bird spikes and weather resistant mesh. This method makes it impossible for birds and animals to make access under your solar panels and deter them from coming back. While this exclusion system fits neatly around all panels closing off the entry points it is virtually maintenance free. It also protects you from potential damage caused by birds that can be expensive to repair.


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