Carpet Beetle Control In Sydney

Carpet beetles can damage your floor coverings and clothing. If you’re having problems call us today.
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Carpet Beetle Larvae

Carpet Beetle Larvae

Carpet Beetle Larvae

Signs of Carpet Beetle Infestation

Carpet beetle infestation is not easy to find in the early stages of its infestation as they inhabit dark, quiet undisturbed corners of your carpeted rooms, behind furniture in wardrobes and where natural fibres are present. They can also be found in wall and roof insulation, pet bedding and bird’s nests. Signs of a carpet beetle infestation are: damaged clothing, bald areas in your carpet, sand like pellets, egg cases and live and dead beetles in infested areas. Save your woollen carpets and clothing from unsightly damage.

Carpet beetles are widespread in Sydney, they can be found in residential and commercial premises where natural fibres are present. Adult carpet beetles usually appear in the warmer months, their food is nectar and pollen and they can enter your home via opened windows and doors or can be transported on freshly cut flowers. Adult carpet beetles will lay eggs wherever there is food available for their larvae and that is almost anything of animal origin, wool, fur and silk and leather.

There are four varieties of carpet beetles in Sydney but the Australian carpet beetle is the only one of those four that is native to our environment, it has brown with light and dark markings. Carpet beetle larvae is the culprit responsible for all the damage. They are long, light brown and bristly and their food are all natural fibres. Carpet beetle larvae will damage not only carpets, but also clothing, upholstery, woollen insulation and blankets.


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