How Often Should You Have a Termite Inspection?

How Often Should You Have a Termite Inspection

We often receive a lot of questions about pests. People ask us about the best ways to keep pests from coming back or about the best ways to eradicate annoying critters. One of the topics that we get the most frequent questions about, though, is a termite inspection. People often want to know how often they should have a termite inspection to ensure that their homes remain free of these potentially disastrous insects.

Unfortunately, there isn’t one single rule for how often you should have a termite inspection in Australia. To understand how often you should have a termite inspection for your home or business, let’s look at the factors that make your home or business higher or lower risk for infestations.

Geographic Location


Arguably the single biggest determiner of the risk level for your home or business is its geographic location. A CSIRO study indicated that Sydney is in the “high risk” category when it comes to termites. That’s only one level below “very high,” of which cities like Brisbane and Rockhampton are a part. The same CSIRO research also indicates that in these high-risk regions, one in three homes are vulnerable to a termite infestation. If you have a neighbor on each side of your house, that means that statistically-speaking, one of you is susceptible to an infestation (since there are three homes, and one is vulnerable).

Properties located in these high-risk areas should have a termite inspection done at least once per year, although if you want to be on the safe side, you could have them twice per year. However, there are circumstances where you might want to have an inspection performed before that 12-month interval.

Your Neighbor’s Home Or Business Has Termites


If your neighbor’s home or business has termites, it’s generally a good idea for you to have an inspection as well. Despite their small size, termites can travel 50 to 80 meters from their colonies. This incredible travel span means that if your neighbor’s home is having termite problems, then there is a chance that they have made their way to your home as well. Given how fast termites can cause damage, you would probably want to have an inspection done to make sure your home is still free of these pesky insects.

There Are Water Leaks In Your House


Termites love moist conditions. They thrive in dark places where is dampness. Many times, inspections reveal termites where water leaks are present. For example, they may have had a plumbing issue where water dripped slowly into the wall cavity. When this happens, even though things may look dry on the exterior, there could still be quite a bit of moisture behind the walls. That moist area is, unfortunately, perfect for termites. It’s also a place where you might not be able to see them.

If you have any form of water leaks or damp in and around your home, you may wish to consider a termite inspection for peace of mind. You might be able to have them found before it gets out of hand.

You’ve Had Problems With Termites In The Past


Pest control companies not only eradicate termites, but they also implement protective solutions aimed at ensuring these insects don’t return. If you have this protective barrier in place, then you should be fine with keeping the 12-month inspection interval. That barrier will keep termites away from your home and ensure that you don’t have any new colonies forming for the whole year.

However, if you don’t have this barrier in place or if you have had a long history of termite problems, then you probably need more regular inspections. You could need to up your frequency to twice per year instead of only one. Remember that termites can do quite a bit of damage in a short amount of time. While your home will not fall over in one year, the queen of an established colony will 40,000 eggs per day. As you might imagine, this is a problem that will quickly balloon out of control!

Schedule A Termite Inspection Once Per Year


For most homes and businesses in Sydney, you should schedule a termite inspection once per year. If you have specific problems, either with an active colony or with environmental factors that may result in an active insect colony, then you may wish to consider a biannual inspection.

Of course, when you are buying a home, selling your home, or if you see any signs of termites (wings, clicking noises, holes, tunnels in wood, warping, etc.), then you should call a pest control company immediately. They will have a qualified pest control technician take a look at your home and make sure there is nothing wrong.

At Pestworks, we have extensive experience doing termite inspections all over Sydney. If you would like one for your home, please contact us today!


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