Kick Uninvited Pest Guests Out

The Inner West region is home to many fun places and fantastic water views. Everyone loves taking in the breathtaking scenery of Canada Bay during the day or night. Of course, students are familiar with this area because it is home to the University of Sydney. Home to many families, this area has medium to high-density

Where there are people, pests often follow. The Inner West region is no exception. Home to termites, bed bugs and all sorts of other creepy and destructive pests, many homes and businesses in this area need some form of pest control. Fortunately, at PestWorks, we specialize in pest control in the Inner West so you can focus on your life and not on your pests.

Battle With Termites

The Inner West region is very family-friendly. There are many local businesses and single-family homes located in this area. Unfortunately, like most of Sydney, it’s also prone to termites.

Termites are one pest that you absolutely must not allow to reproduce in abundance. They will eat the wood of your home for food, leaving you with structural damage and significant repair bills. Much of the Inner West is prone to substantial termite problems without regular inspection.

Schedule Regular Inspections

At Pestworks, we believe that the best way to fight pests is to prevent them. That’s why we suggest people schedule regular termite inspections. During this time, a pest control specialist will come out and look at your home. They’ll be using their eyes, ears, and some fun tech to figure out where pests are hiding in your home.

If you have termites, cockroaches, spiders, or other pests, we will find them. Moreover, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive plan to eradicate your property of these unwanted guests.

All of our insect removal products are safe. Since the Inner West is such a family-friendly area, residents are sometimes worried about the chemicals used in pest removal. We will make sure to use chemicals safe for your situation and advise you what you need to do.

Be Free Of Pests

Just because you cannot see these insects, does not mean they do not exist. Schedule an inspection today and let one of our Pestworks pest control experts look at your Inner West home and get rid of unwanted pests once and for all!


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