Get Rid of Termites And Other Pests From Your Home

As residents of the Northern Beaches area know, it is a desirable environment. With beautiful beaches, lots of sunshine, and a magnificent ocean view, this area is a hotspot for entertainment, shopping, and dining. If people are visiting Sydney from other countries, the Northern Beaches area is one place you might take them!

All those people relatively densely packed into the area mean that there is ample food for pests. Cockroaches, spiders, rats, and termites are all in various parts of the Northern Beaches. If you are experiencing a problem with one or more of these pests, or you want to have peace of mind that they will never become a major headache, then you should retain the services of a pest control expert.

What are the Big Threats?

The biggest threat to residences in the Northern Beaches is the same as other areas of Sydney: the termite. These little ant-like insects find their way into homes, and they begin eating the wood. The colonies keep expanding and gnawing their way through the house. Eventually, the interior wood becomes hollow and structurally unsafe. When that happens, significant damage can result.

The hardest part about intervening with termite damage is that most of it is invisible. There have been cases where the only thing holding up a wall was the coat of paint. Termites had utterly eaten the beams behind the paint on the wall.

Other insects, such as spiders and cockroaches, are prevalent within the Northern Beaches. Although these insects are nuisances, they don’t have quite the same financial impact as termites do.

Preventing Termites

Every homeowner should do their best to prevent termite damage. Prevention is significantly cheaper than repairs. The way you prevent termites is to have an inspection done. Inspections take approximately two hours, and during that time, someone will come out and look at your home in-depth. They’ll look in all the dark corners of your home to figure out where termites might be hiding. At the end of the inspection, you will know where the pests are and how to eliminate them.

An annual or semi-annual inspection will save you in the long-run. Unchecked termite damage can cost thousands (even tens of thousands) to repair. If your roof is eaten away or if a support beam in your home is no longer stable, you can have a costly repair bill.

Let The Pest Control Experts Handle It

By letting the pest control experts at Pestworks handle keeping the bests at bay, you can have confidence that your residence will be pest-free and enjoyable! Schedule your inspection today!


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