If you have pets in your home or are concerned about having pest problems and would like to be sure your home is free of these unwanted creatures in the future, you’ve come to the right place. Pestworks provides the best pest control Sydney services. Since 1991, we’ve helped businesses and residences to get rid of all kinds of bugs. As a pest control company that is fully licensed and insured, we work throughout Sydney metropolitan area, eradicating pests and providing peace of mind.

Pest control services have changed substantially over the years. In reality, you don’t have to suffer anymore. All pest control strategies we employ are safe for you, your pets, and your family. We do not make use of any hazardous chemicals in any of our solutions.

Where We Cover

Our pest control Sydney services span the entire metro area. No matter if you live in the Northern Beaches, Inner West, Eastern SuburbsSutherland ShireSt. George, or Western Sydney, we have personnel that can come out to eradicate pests once and for all.

When it comes to your property, we will look in every nook and cranny to find evidence of bugs. Bugs hiding in the roof? We’ll find them! Bugs hiding in between the walls? Again, we’ll see them! No matter where insects and rodents might be hiding in your home or business, we’ll get rid of them for you. Our company has been around for close to 30 years, and during that time we’ve seen every place bugs can hide.

No matter what bugs you might have, our pest control Sydney services will find them, stamp them out, and put your mind at ease!

Types Of Pests We Handle

We eliminate most types of pests. Whether you have antsbed bugsbeesborerscarpet beetlescockroachesfleasrodentsspiders, or silverfish, we’ll stamp all of them out for you.

Our pest control Sydney technicians also remove termites. Termites are one of the most active pests in Sydney. They aren’t hazardous from a physical perspective, but they are very troublesome from a financial one. Termites are the cause of significant damage around the world. The wood in our structures is food for termites. Once they discover that your home keeps their colonies alive, they burrow in and multiply. Unfortunately, as they keep eating the frame of your home, they damage its structural integrity.

Repairs for termite damage can cost thousands of dollars. Don’t leave your home to chance. Termites are a substantial problem throughout most of Sydney. There is a good chance your home either already has or will have termites in the future.
While we offer pest control services, we provide pest prevention ones as well. Having regular termite inspections lets us find pests and provide you with recommendations on keeping them out in the future. Instead of waiting until these tiny critters have eaten your home, let us recommend ways to keep them out. Prevention is the optimal way to avoid issues with termites!
Fortunately, we eradicate termites and any other type of pest that may have found its way into your home! We’ll also help keep these creatures away from your house for good.

My Insurance Will Cover This Damage, Right?

Unfortunately, no. If termites damage your home, there is a good chance that your home insurance will not cover it. Most companies specifically exclude termite damage from their policy. If the wall caves in and costs $10,000 to repair, that bill will be squarely on you to pay.

Pestworks will inspect your home and get rid of termites before the damage becomes such a large bill!

Commercial And Residential Pest Control Sydney

We provide services to commercial and residential places. Each of these sectors has different needs, however.

Residential properties within the Sydney area frequently benefit from the annual inspection. After an initial examination, we set up yearly visits to ensure that your property remains pest-free. Some Sydney homes benefit from semi-annual inspections. If you reside in a very high-risk area for pests, you might need visits every six months.

For residences, we inspect the property and identify problems. Once we find those issues, we can let the homeowner know and begin working on a safe solution for removing these insects.

Commercial properties may require more frequent visits for health and safety reasons. Our technicians can work with your business to determine which schedule is right for you. We will diligently ensure your business remains pest-free and your customers have a pleasant experience at your premises.

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