Possum Removal in Sydney

If you are abruptly woken at night by the sound of possums thumping in your roof, or your sleep is disturbed by the spitting, growling noises of possum romance and territorial disputes call us today. We offer efficient and humane possum removal services, across the entire Sydney metropolitan area. We locate the possum entry points and carry out repairs to ensure that possums don’t return.

Brush Tail Possum

Ring Tail Possum

Ring of a Ring Tail Possum

Possums are nocturnal marsupials that sleep during the day and come out at dusk. They are often heard in the middle of the night, scampering across the roof, banging and hissing in the ceilings. Possums abilities to climb enables them to gain access into your house through chimneys, holes in the eaves, vents and loose roof tiles. Possums are exceptionally good climbers, often seen swinging off power lines, jumping from trees and tiptoeing on fences. When possums find their way into your roof and decide to take up residence up there, they can be more than just a nuisance.

Discouraging a possum is not easy, their powerful and sharp claws can break through many barriers in their way. Even electronic devices that are claiming to be the ultimate possum deterrent are not effective. Possums can damage plasterboard, cause foul odour, contaminate roof insulation and leave urine stains on ceilings. They can also be a menace around gardens damaging veggie patches, ornamental trees, pot plants and flowers. While possums in Sydney are part of the urban environment and they are protected native animals immediate possum control measures should be undertaken upon first sign of the activity. However possum removal can be carried out only by exclusion, taping and removal by a licensed and accredited operator.


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