Pythons in the Roof

Python skin in roof

One of our termite inspectors entered the roof space of a suburban Sydney home. He was amazed to find the discarded skin from a large python. He then checked to see if the reptile remained in the roof, luckily it had gone.

The snake was possibly a carpet or diamond python that grows up to 2.5 metres. Under the right circumstances it can be dangerous. They are common throughout the eastern regions of New South Wales. Pythons are also seen in the Sydney metropolitan area. Snakes are great climbers who could easily enter a house roof.

Docile at most times, these snakes kill by constriction and are capable of killing a man. This happened a few years ago in South Australia when a pet snake killed its sleeping owner.

Perhaps the space harboured possums, rats and mice, birds and other pests providing food for the reptile. A good reason to keep the roof pest free. Many animals, reptiles and insects inhabit the common suburban home. And some of them can be quite dangerous.


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