When Rodents Move Indoors

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As autumn approaches, rats and mice start increasingly looking for warmer and more comfortable shelter. Autumn in Sydney is a welcome relief from the summer heat as it brings lower temperatures. However, it also brings rats and mice that are on the lookout for suitable indoor locations. After the summer months, rats and mice have been happy to seek food and water outdoors. The cooler autumn temperature is the first signal for rodents to look for comfort in your home.

At this time each year, the onset of lower temperatures brings more inquiries from home and business owners advising us of rats and mice problems. We recommend fast action to eradicate the new arrivals before they take hold and cause significant damage. Rats and mice are not fussy in choosing their new winter dwelling. However, they will favor locations wherever food and warm shelter are readily available. Deprivation of suitable habitat, de-cluttering, and simple changes in housekeeping, can significantly reduce the likelihood of these unwanted visitors establishing themselves.

Rats and mice are prolific breeders. Their sexual maturity is reached very early in their lives. They can produce around eight litters per year that can vary between 8-12 rats per litter. The population of both can explode rapidly when the conditions are favorable. If left unchecked, rats and mice can create mayhem not only in residential but also commercial premises.
Given that rats and mice can multiply quickly and cause destruction, pest control experts must be called when the first signs of a rodent infestation are noticed. Once established, rats and mice can damage property and stock, contaminate food and be a significant health risk to the p


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