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Termite Treatment And Protection

When it comes to termite control there are two different treatment methods available to protect your home. The following options are well suited to eradicate a live termite colony that may be infesting your home as well as prevent it from coming back. These methods are Termite monitoring and baiting system and chemical soil barrier treatment.

Chemical termite treatment

Termite baiting system

Termite inspection

Termite Monitoring And Baiting

Baiting and monitoring system is designed to detect and eliminate termites before they reach your home.

Chemical Termite Barrier

 Chemical barrier is a treatment preventing termites from crossing over the line to your home. 

Critical Aspects Of Termite Protection

Termite protection consists of 3 essential components that are equally important for a successful result.

Termite inspection is the corner stone of an effective and successful termite control. It is an essential element of the treatment and must be undertaken prier to any termite control measures commence to determine several important factors:

Identification the type of termites that is causing the infestation. Some termite control methods and products are not equally effective on all termite species. Appropriate choice of treatment method  that will suited for the situation. To ensure complete eradication of all termite nests, as there may be more than one termite colony infesting your home.

Treatment is the action undertaken by our experienced termite professional when your property is attacked by termites, or in the event when preventative measures are required. The type of treatment will depend on your situation, type of the building, location and the specific termite predicament. Our professional will recommend the most suited termite treatment most suited to your circumstances.

When termite control is attempted by an inexperienced individual it will not only be ineffective but also it will result in termites changing location. When that happens termites are likely to remain out of sight, continue causing damage until the problem becomes visible and costly to rectify.

There are things you can do to ensure termites are not encourage towards your home and cause considerable amount of damage.

Have your property inspected by an experienced professional regularly. Remove all not needed wood from around your house and garden. Keep your garden beds at least 1 meter away from external house walls. Termites look for moisture, make sure your down pipes are not blocked and taps are not leaking. Eliminate all the damp areas from within and around your house.

 If you fined live termites on your property, we recommend to hire a termite control professional. Experienced expert will carry out inspection, determine the extend of the problem and come up treatment and prevention plan.

When it comes to preventing your home from termites causing an extensive damage regular inspections have been proven to be one of the most effective methods. Surprisingly not many home owners realise that expensive termite damage repairs can be easily prevented by having a termite inspection carried out regularly.


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What Is A Termite Monitoring And Bait Station?

Termite monitoring and baiting stations are canister like pots containing termite lure placed in the ground on the outside of the home. Termites searching for food within the vicinity of the house will find themselves attracted to these feeding points at some stage.

Termite inspectors and homeowners can regular monitor these stations to find out if there is an established termites within the area.

How Do These Stations Work?

Termite monitoring and baiting stations are unique in that they allow termites to get inside when placed in the wright locations. When termite activity is fond, special bait that contains an active ingredient is added. When termites continue feeding on this bait, they will slowly pass it to all other members of the colony including the queen and the king thus killing the entire termite nest.

Termite monitoring and baiting stations will help to eradicate termites at the same time alert homeowners and termite inspectors that these wood-eating insects are present in the area.

What Is A Chemical Termite Barrier?

Termite barrier is a chemical perimeter treatment of your house to protect it from termites entry. Chemically treated soil along the external walls of your house disrupt termites natural paths to your property.

How Do Chemical Termite Barriers Work?

Chemical termite barrier kills termites as they approach your house, preventing them from entry. Termite control expert will dig a trench around the perimeter of the structure and mix the soil with a termite control solution, than puts it back into the trench. The mix of chemical compounds with soil creates an effective barrier around the home. Termites that will try to pass through this treated zone will come into contact with it and will be deterred from reaching your home.