Termite Inspection Services

Regular termite inspection is crucial to protect your home from termites causing extensive damage. Therefore finding termites before the damage takes place is vital. At Pestworks, we have over 30 years of experience in termite inspections and protecting properties from termites. Call us immediately if you notice any unusual movement on your floor or blistering paint.



Termite damage to roof timbers

Termite damage to roof timbers

Termite damage to roof timbers

Avoid Termite Problems With Regular Inspections

Your house is your biggest asset. Unfortunately, your house may also be the primary food source for termites. It stems from the fact that these unwelcome visitors have a ferocious appetite for timber, paper, furniture, and any other product that contains cellulose. Termites can disrupt your family life and cause substantial damage to your property, resulting in stress and financial losses.

A termite inspection is a foundation and the very first step to an effective termite management program. It is also an essential component in understanding the building’s construction style, accessibility, landscaping, and climatic conditions. All these elements are critical, not only for termites establishing themselves but also for deciding on the most appropriate control method.

The frequency at which you should have a termite inspection will depend on various factors. However, as a minimum, you should have it done at least on an annual basis, that is, if your property is at low risk of a termite attack. Unfortunately, many Sydney homes are in the higher risk category bracket. If your house falls into this group, we recommend six-monthly termite inspections. Several other reasons can influence the frequency at which you should have a termite inspection, one of them being the location of your house. In some Sydney homes, three monthly termite inspections are not uncommon.

 The duration of the termite inspection will largely depend on the size of the property. However, the total time of the inspection is about 1.5 hours for an average size dwelling. When completed, you will know if there are live termites and termite damage in your house and what the recommended course of action is to discourage and eliminate them if needed.

Why A Regular Termite Inspection Is Crucial

You have likely read or seen horror stories of damage caused by termites. Wood becomes hollow. Houses can suffer structural integrity issues. Within a short period, termites can cause roofs to cave in, floorboards to buckle, and stud walls to crumble. Unfortunately, by the time a termite problem becomes obvious, the damage is already done.

It is not easy to find termites in the early stages of the infestation as it is likely to occur in the concealed framework of the house. Termites will go on unnoticed while they are destroying the integrity of timber from the inside out. Everything on the surface may look normal, but eventually, on the application of pressure, woodwork will crumble and disintegrate.

A coat of paint may be the only thing holding it up.

While a termite infestation establishes itself, it continuously grows until some visible signs appear. Left not found concealed termite damage will increase surprisingly fast. Images as below show examples of termite damage in homes not inspected frequently.

Having a regular termite inspection will significantly reduce the chances of termites establishing themselves, therefore considerably reducing the risk of potential damage.

Inspection Is Better Than Repairs

Undoubtedly, preventing termites from causing extensive damage, regular inspections are better than reacting and having to do repairers after the fact. Termites can destroy all timber in a house within a relatively short time. This damage can cost thousands of dollars to rebuild. With regular inspections, you will avoid the expense and have peace of mind knowing your home has no hidden surprises.

As the name implies, a routine termite inspection is an examination you should have once every year at a minimum when you already own the property. Many homes in Sydney are at a higher risk for a termite infestation and should have an inspection every six months instead. The cost of having these inspections routinely performed is significantly less than the expense of having to replace the damage caused by an established termite colony.
During this inspection, a professional inspector will come to your home and look for signs of termites. This inspection is comprehensive. Termites don’t like open spaces with ventilation. Instead, they prefer dark hiding spots. Therefore the termite inspector will need to check every corner of your roof, interior, exterior, and under the house.

When you are thinking of purchasing a new house, you should have a termite inspection before committing to buy. While a home might look fine during your initial visit, there could be substantial damage that is unseen. That freshly painted wall might be hollow due to termite damage. The only thing that might be holding it up is the coats of paint! Unless you know where to look and spend lots of time in the home, there’s just no way to spot termite damage as a potential buyer.

Technology has enhanced all facets of life and termite detection work is no different. Termites are difficult to spot at best. They are not running across the floor or hiding in corners like other comment pests. Instead, under cover termites are working consistently to destroy timber beams above ceilings or behind walls. In fact termites can be so well-hidden that it makes them impossible to see.

Fortunately, thermal technology can expose those hidden out of sight invisible critters and  will allow you to be much more certain about the termite situation in your home.


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