Thermal Imaging Termite Inspection Sydney

Thermal imaging camera is used to detect heat emitted by termites hidden in well, ceiling and floor cavities. It helps to find termites and it should be used with any termite inspection. Especially where there are concealed, structural timber frames inaccessible to a visual examination. With this valuable instrument we can pinpoint precise location of the infestation without needing to tear down the wall. Infrared technology makes it easier to detect active termites even if there are very few visible signs.

Why Should You Have Thermal Imaging Inspection?

Termite infestation often originates in concealed timbers of the house. When hidden, termites collectively termites produce invisible infrared radiation transmitted through to the surface, known to us as temperature. Thermal imaging camera will detect that infrared energy, measure and display it as a heat map. More so, it helps to reveal unusual and variable heat differentiation and translates it into a pattern of colored images. Those illustrations highlight irregular concentrations of warmer areas that may be consistent with a termite infestation.

Just like any other objects termites emit heat that infrared camera reads and converts into a telling display of colorful images. However, how to understand those images will largely depend on the termite inspector’s interpretation.

Thermal imaging technology helps to detect termites by providing more accurate, definitive and conclusive findings. But it must be used in conjunction with a visual termite inspection carried out by an experienced inspector, rather than a thermal imaging camera operator.


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