Tick Control in Sydney

We provide instant and lasting tick treatments and removal services to safeguard all members of your family. Ticks can be dangerous not only to pets, but also to adults and children health. Regular tick control around your home and garden is crucial in ensuring safe surroundings and care free living.

Removing a tick from a dog

Tick burrowing into human skin

Removing a tick from a cat

How To Remove a Tick

The best way to remove a tick is by using pointy tweezers. You don’t want to tear the tick and leave a piece behind as this can cause serious health issues.

Use antiseptic to spray directly onto the tick and the tick bite area.  Use tweezers to grab the tick as close as possible to it’s head.

Pull up the tick slowly and straight,applying even pressure.  Place the removed tick in a sealable plastic bag or glass jar.

Disinfect your hands and the bite area using antiseptics.  Wash your hands with warm soapy water.

While not all tick species carry diseases it is always prudent to see your doctor immediately when bitten by a tick.

Take the removed specimen with you as testing may need to be done.

Ticks are small, oval shaped parasitic insects that thrive in warm, humid and moist environment. Their preferred habitat is bushy, overgrown areas, shrubs, high grass and other tall vegetation. Ticks feed on possums, bandicoots and other native animals blood, however ticks will also attach themselves to pets and humans.

Ticks are not very mobile, and so they find a new host by hanging onto leaves and grass, patiently waiting to latch onto anything that brushes past. Once on board, they quickly locate a suitable feeding spot, usually behind ears, in armpits and groins.

There are several species of ticks in Sydney that are commonly found on dogs and cats, however only one, the paralyses tick can prove to be fatal. It is equipped with toxin that can be deadly to household pets. The paralyses tick is mostly found in northern parts of Sydney.


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