Pigeon Control in Sydney

If you are sick of birds leaving an unsightly mess and defacing your home and place of work call us right now. We can get rid of the problem quickly and without a fuss. Our bird control services will stop pigeons and other nuisance birds from spreading diseases and create safe and health environment for your family and pets.

Why Should You Get Rid of Pest Birds Quickly

Most birds are gregarious, living in flocks that can grow quickly, turning a small problem into a big headache in a very short time. When there is a bird problem around your home you will regularly notice a number of birds sitting on the roof or perching on ledges. Also there is usually a concentration of deposits, chirping sounds in walls or ceilings and even blocked gutters causing storm water overflow. The longer the birds are allowed to nest, roost and hang around the more difficult it will be get rid of them. Bird nests can support large colonies of mites that can enter your home via crack in the ceiling and vents. While their droppings look unsightly and can damage your house they can also be a serious health risk.

There are four bird species in Sydney that are considered by many people a real menace, that is feral pigeons, the Indian myna, sparrows and starlings. These birds are known to cause considerable damage by defacing walls, tiles and pavements, nesting in gutters, down pipes and roofs, leaving droppings on window sills, doors and footpaths.

Birds can be a health risk, they can look unsightly and can also cause an outbreak of a bird mite infestation. Bird mites can make you feel very uncomfortable and in some cases cause a severe allergic reaction.

Birds are opportunistic, determined and persistent, they can enter roof cavities and eaves via openings as small as 25mm. Once they decide to take up residence in your home or office, it can be often very difficult to deter them. The only way to get rid of that problem is to implement appropriate bird control measures.


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