Bring To Completion Your Lease Obligation

End of Lease Pest Control in Sydney

At the end of your tenancy, Pestworks end of lease pest control services can also include all pests rather than just fleas. Our treatment can cover you for other pest problems. It may be worth treating all pests that may be infesting the property. By doing this, you will be sure your former landlord or real estate agent will have no complaints against you once you leave.

NSW Fair Trading Rules

NSW Fair Trading makes it quite clear when it comes to the responsibility of a tenant to leave a rental property pest-free when they move out

Therefore, it is your responsibility as a tenant to comply with the end of the lease pest control legal requirements, if something you have done attracted pests to the property. Read over your rental agreement to see if it outlines the end of lease pest treatment requirement.

Pets Make You Responsible For End of Lease Pest Control

When you have pets and renting a home in New South Wales, it’s a legal requirement to have an end of lease treatment for fleas. Whether you have a dog or a cat, your furry friend can bring fleas into your rented home. If you have bitten on the lower parts of your legs, there could be fleas in the carpets. Unfortunately, the NSW Fair Trading requires flea treatment whether or not your pets have brought fleas into the house. Fortunately, we can quickly and safely perform this end of lease flea treatment. You can rest assured you have met your legal responsibility with a flea treatment by Pestworks. 

Other Pests Maybe Also Your Responsibility

Your obligation is to leave the place as you found it, clean and free of pests when you are moving out.

If you’ve left any junk around your rental property that’s attracted cockroaches, rodents, or ants, that’s your end of lease responsibility too. Any action, or in-action, that you have taken that causes an infestation of pests is your responsibility before you move out.

You are obliged to leave the place pest free as it was when you moved in.


First of all, be sure to thoroughly clean the property before you move out. Not only thoroughly clean the interior of the property, but also remove any rubbish around the outside. This can include stacks firewood, which can harbor rodents and termites.

Once you have moved your belongings out, it’s time to arrange for an end-of-lease pest control treatment.

Conclude Your Lease With Experts

As a rule, the treatment is carried out after you’ve moved out and cleaned the rented home. Call Pestworks to discuss your end of lease pest control requirements. We can arrange with you or your real estate agent to access the property


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